We’ve all been there: you accidently leave your headlights on overnight and your battery dies; you lock your keys in the car or you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. With the Safeco® Roadside Assistance Program, your customers can have peace of mind knowing they are just a phone call away from receiving help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Coverage details

Our Roadside Assistance Program provides service anywhere in the U.S. with no out-of-pocket expense in most cases. It covers private passenger autos and motorcycles and even antique and classic cars, many types of RVs and boat trailers.

We provide your customers with two coverage options to fit their needs:

  • Roadside Assistance base coverage: See list below.
  • Emergency Assistance Package: Includes Roadside Assistance benefits and other emergency expenses (taxi, lodging, etc.)

Roadside Assistance benefits

It’s easy to use: When a situation arises, your customers will simply call 877-ROAD101 to get help, sign for the service and be are on their way. And they won't have to think twice about using this service, as no claim is counted on their policy. Benefits include:

  • Up to one hour of labor at the scene of disablement — the customer is responsible only for the cost of any associated parts needed for repair.
  • Battery jump-starts, flat tire changes and lockout assistance.
  • Emergency fuel and fluid delivery — the customer only pays for the cost of the fuel or fluid.
  • Towing service — the provider will attempt to fix the problem at the scene. However, if that can’t be done, they will tow the vehicle within a 15 mile radius or to the closest repair facility that can perform repairs during normal business hours.
  • Winching for up to 100 feet from the road

Emergency Assistance Package benefits

Safeco’s Emergency Assistance Package is the next level up from Roadside Assistance. It includes all the benefits of Roadside Assistance as well as the following:

  • Emergency expenses such as lodging up to $500.
  • Transportation expenses such as taxi fares.
  • Personal property coverage up to $500.

Additional benefit

At no additional cost, your customers with Roadside Assistance can access their own emergency concierge if needed:

  • AutoValet is an emergency concierge service designed for customers who experience a mechanical disablement and require assistance beyond Roadside Assistance. AutoValet provides customers with help finding alternate transportation, lodging, message relay or directory assistance.